Change IE Internet Explorer Address Bar Text / Font Larger and Bigger

Reading Internet Explorer’s Address Bar may be difficult for some people. looking at the Internet Explorer setting there is no option to change the adress bar text/font bigger. did some research found out that the Address Bar use the same font as the icon titles on the desktop. Which can be changed only through Display Properties.

Below is the Step by step showing how to change your IE address bar text bigger (on Microsoft Windows 7)

For example My Internet Exporer Window default setting

1. Go to Start > Control Panel > Display >……. Click on Personalization

2. Click on Windows Color

3.  Click Advanced Appearance settings

4.  On “Item” select “Icon” , on “Fonts” select your desire font and adjust the font size, you can change it to bold then click on Apply. * If the icon titles are now truncated, change Icon Spacing (Horizontal) and Icon Spacing (Vertical) to larger values.

5. After Applying the new setting , restart your Internet Explorer to view your new internet explorer address bar text / font. as you can see the wording in the address bar is much bigger and more readable now.

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